Stressed? Take It One Step At A Time

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for clearing out the clutter around you. We want to help you clear out stress! Every Tuesday for the month of April, we will be posting a new tip to help you manage stress. Remember the stress log we sent you? We will be using it to track your stress and help you identify patterns, problems, and the best solution to actively manage your stress levels. Are you excited to have more moments of peace? We are! So let’s get started.

Take a deep breath in…  A nice long exhale…

During this week, your assignment is to pick one stress symptom that shows up for you repeatedly. We are going to work with you to find solutions to manage this one area of your life. Since stress has a compounding effect, the stress of one area is directly related to your level of stress in the next. So to kick off our first round of check-ins, please e-mail us with answers to the following questions:

What is a WIN that you have experienced in the last week?

Have you tried out the stress tracker?
How often have you been using it?
Do you have any questions about your log?

If you’ve been using your log:
What sorts of events have been stressing you out?
Any surprises?
Have you tried a new stress management approach?
What did you try and did it work?


Check back each Tuesday for fun mobile wallpaper quotes.
We look forward to hearing from you! Have a great week!

Suzie, Melanie, & Amalia


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