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Why DeBar – DeBar Fitness and Wellness
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Why DeBar

Suzie’s Mission

Suzie DeBar is the founder and lead trainer at DeBar Fitness and Wellness, LLC. Suzie’s mission is to provide a personalized group setting OR individual setting for the Billings community to practice fitness in a safe, supportive, motivational, non-judgmental atmosphere. Suzie’s private training studio is designed to help you experience energy and enthusiasm for your daily activities. Suzie is passionate about Lifestyle Fitness coaching to help you achieve healthy daily habits to create freedom to move confidently in your everyday life.

The goal of DeBar Fitness and Wellness is to empower you by embracing the process of change and the importance of listening to your body’s biofeedback. Working smarter, not harder will reduce the need for long and exhausting workouts that leave you zero energy for the rest of your day. The best feeling is walking out after your workout feeling energetic enough to take on your day and feeling confident that you can handle anything coming your way.

Certified Personal Trainer in Billings, MT

Suzie is a NESTA certified personal trainer, Spencer Institute certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, NESTA certified Injury Specialist, and a NESTA certified Figure and Physique Training Specialist. She has completed the Klemmer and Associates Compassionate Samurai Leadership Development courses and Dan Dorr’s Mastery of Beingness and Facilitation. Her enthusiasm for seeing you succeed is contagious, and her knowledge and creativity keep the workouts challenging and fun.  Suzie is authentic in her coaching and sincere in meeting you where you are to reach your goals.

weight lifting goals


Suzie’s passion and dedication to your personal goals are elite to say the least. If you care half as much as she does about your success, you are bound to reach your goal.

~Michael J. Lee


Suzie is a very passionate, kind, caring lady. She puts her all into every workout, making sure you are using proper form so you get the most from your workout and that you don’t hurt yourself. She listens and answers any questions you have. She is simply the best! ~Susan Berg
Suzie encourages you to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone by making you believe in yourself and trust that your body can accomplish anything. She takes the time to personally get to know you and your goals. Suzie has opened my eyes to my strength and has helped me understand myself and given me confidence in everything I do. ~Lori C.
Suzie DeBar with DeBar Fitness and Wellness is a Godsend!! I have been training with Suzie for almost a year now and she has made a huge difference in my life!  She has a very structured program that has helped me in every aspect of my life.  I have learned to train with the correct form, eat better, take better care of my mind, body and soul and the best thing is to have a lot of fun doing it!  Her sessions are very personal as they are small groups so she works with everybody one on one to give you her full attention every time.  I highly recommend Suzie at DeBar Fitness and Wellness if you are ready to make a lifestyle change!  You will not regret it! ~Laurie Mohl
I have known Suzie since January of 2016 and I have been training with her 3 times a week since then.  I know her to be dedicated, reliable, hardworking and conscientious.  She has provided me and others with workouts that challenge us.  She uses structured workouts that provide us to be able to work at our own pace.  Over the last 11 months I have developed the physical and mental strength to do anything she throws at me.  Being older than most of Suzie’s clients she has given me the confidence and the encouragement to do any type of workout.  I would recommend anyone looking to change their lifestyle to consider DeBar Fitness and Wellness.  A Change for Life!! ~Patty Cooper
I previously worked out with BABC and thought I loved it until I trained with Suzie at DeBar Fitness.

The two programs are completely different.  I consider myself athletic. I was in competitive sports growing up and enjoyed the tough workouts provided by BABC.

Now after working out with Suzie at DeBar Fitness I love it even more than I did BABC.

DeBar Fitness is less strenuous, more focused. For the first 3 months I felt it was not tough enough.

DeBar Fitness is a 45 minute vs 1 hour workout.  That took me a while to get used to.  For the first 3 months I didn’t think I was getting as much of a workout with it being 15 minutes less time than BABC.

DeBar Fitness is less cardio more strength training, balance and control.  This of course I love because cardio is not my favorite.

I feel less muscle soreness.  I struggled with this too – thinking “no pain no gain.”

The workout groups are smaller in size, hence, Suzie does more personal training with each individual client.

The less strenuous workouts and 45 minute workouts lead me to want to come back for more the next day.  I don’t get the feeling/thought “I am worn out from the past tough workouts.”

I thought I was having positive results with BABC.  But, I am seeing even better results with DeBar Fitness.  I have noticed more muscle definition, straighter posture, more ease with every day life situation, closer relationships with the clients in my workout session, and more enjoyment with each session.

I try to carry over what I learn at DeBAr Fitness into my daily life.  I have noticed ease with little things such as squatting down to feed my cats, going up stairs, riding my bike, carrying heavier things.  I am conscientious about standing up straight, using my core, holding in my abs,

Suzie assess each clients’ needs and tailors her training to those needs.  She is observant and individualizes the needs of each client.

DeBar Fitness truly is working out smarter not harder.

Working out at DeBar Fitness has become as necessary to me as food, water and sleep.

~Jann Whiting

I’m so happy I found a gym near me! Suzie’s gym is right off the highway so I can easily stop by in the mornings before work without having to go out of my way. The classes are fun, the perfect length of time, and are always a great workout. This gym is a true gem! -GiGi C.


After taking a few years off from cycling I wanted to get back into it but was lacking the motivation to do it.  My goal was to ride the MS ride, so I hired “Coach Suzie” to help me get remotivated.   There were days I didn’t want to get on my bike and I’d get my text messages asking how it was going.  It was a great motivator so I’d get on my bike and always felt great after her push.  Not only did she help me get remotivated she also helped me out with nutrition.  So I started eating and hydrating better.  Thank you Suzie  ~Alan Patterson
Hi! My name is Tanya and I would like to share a bit of my story with you and how Suzie Debar with Debar Fitness has helped support, encourage me, change my focus to a live a heathier lifestyle and change my mindset that not everything has to be perfect.

To start, I considered myself a very active person who loved to run and would sign up for any race that I could find. I loved the way running made me feel, releasing the stress from the day and trying to get better with each race.  However, over time my back started hurting and I could barely run or walk without pain.  That started my downward spiral.  After MRI’s and X-Ray’s, bulging discs were found and I was told that I could no longer run.  That of course didn’t sit well with me because in my mind I just knew this was a temporary issue and if I ignored it long enough it would go away.  Well that was not the case because as I continued to run even though I was told not to, the pain got worse and was to the point I could barely function I was in so much pain.  Running was what I did and loved to do, so now what?  Well, unfortunately, I decided to just give up and hid myself in my work, eating anything I could get my hands on because I’m a stress/emotional eater and no longer enjoyed the outdoors.  After about 2 years of being unhappy and just wanting so desperately to feel like myself again I decided it was time to get my act together.

Here enters, Suzie Debar, the most amazing woman, trainer, friend, lifestyle coach and supporter I have ever known.  It was going be a challenge for me to step outside of my comfort zone as well as being limited to what I could do with my back issues but I was willing to give it a try.  I’m pretty stubborn and had already set the bad habits in motion with no exercise and bad food choices so I was going to give Suzie a run for her money.  We started working together in Nov 2015 and it was a slow process for me which was very frustrating because I felt like I had taken 10 steps backwards and was angry that I couldn’t do what I had been able to do before.  Some days were harder than others but Suzie was so patient and supportive that I started feeling more and more comfortable going at my own speed.  Suzie came up with modified ways for me to exercise, re-train the core and fuel the body with healthier food choices.  It’s amazing what the core can do to support your body when used correctly and how your body reacts to fueling with healthier food choices versus Taco Johns.  It was baby steps with little changes at a time so I could learn that it was my choice to live a healthier lifestyle, have fun and enjoy being active even if I was limited.  Suzie has taught me it’s not “I can’t” but it’s “I can and I chose” to do what is best for me and my body.  I am my own person and it’s ok.  Her energy and NO judgements attitude has kept me motivated to keep learning and to realize that each day doesn’t have to be perfect, mistakes will be made but tomorrow is a new day and I am ok with the limitations of my body and feel great about what I have accomplished.  I’m lifting weights again (woohoo!! I never thought that would happen again) and without Suzie and Debar Fitness I would not have been able to complete the Rock N Roll ½ Marathon in Raleigh, NC with my new “2 Cool for School” walk.  Suzie helped me find a way to love being active again and to have fun with it.  I finished the ½ Marathon under the 4-hour time limit and with no back pain. It was awesome! I couldn’t stop smiling that day.  Suzie has been there supporting and helping the whole way.  She is a “tell you how it is” kind of trainer which is what I love about her so we get along great. My back issues will always be there but they don’t define me and I chose to live a healthier lifestyle because it makes me feel good not because it’s what I think I have to do.  Suzie definitely challenges me every day and I can’t wait to keep working with her at Debar Fitness and training for my next ½ Marathon in March 2017.  Thank you Suzie! You Rock!


In recent months I’ve been doing personal training with Suzie. I’ve suffered serious lower back pain for almost thirty years. Suzie took me way back to very basic sitting and standing and we’re slowly working from there. Her patience is amazing and with her help I am convinced I can change 5 decades of bad habits!~ Margaret M
I knew from past experiences that in a class atmosphere I compare myself to everyone else and get down on myself.  I also am very competitive, which makes me somewhat angry in attitude.  So by choosing a personal training setting, all of those obstacles that beat me down were gone…and all I had left was just to work on me.  10 months later, I still love it.  Day to day, I can give up on things pretty easy…so to come in to my session, completely focus on my work out, give 150%, and leave knowing that I gave everything I had…that makes me very proud of myself.  I know that I didn’t slack and had nothing more to give that day…and that is a great feeling.  When I am at the gym for a training session, there are no phones, there are no interruptions, I don’t think about my work or home ‘to-do’ lists – I just do what I am being asked to do that day the best I can.  Mentally, this workout time clears my mind – and I appreciate the process so much that even though I dread going after a long work day sometimes…I am ready to do it again! ~ Jill Norby