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Training – DeBar Fitness and Wellness
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Small Group Training

small group fitness

Small Group Training classes are structured in 8 week fitness programs to accelerate your fitness levels to achieve desired results. Results include physique transformation, fat loss, weight loss, weight gain, increased physical strength & endurance, increased energy levels, mental awareness, body awareness and overall self-confidence.

Small Group Training classes consist of:

  • Resistance Training
  • Core Stability
  • Core Balance
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Training

Workouts include a variety of formats to alleviate burnout from boredom and to achieve a full body workout. All workouts are trainer guided and custom instruction is given to each individual so you are challenged daily.

Classes are 45 minutes; month-to-month membership and drop-in sessions are available. See the membership page for more details.

One on One Training

One on One Training consists of working uniquely with your goals, challenges, and/or injuries with Suzie as your fitness coach. Workouts for injuries and past injuries are tailored to meet you where you are at and advance at your pace. Workouts are structured to:

  • Build core balance
  • Build core stability
  • Improve movement and range of motion
  • Implement proper body mechanics
  • Increase physical strength & endurance

Workouts for a specific race or goal training are customized to meet your needs and include a variety of formats. All workouts are trainer guided and specific instruction given to engage good form.

One on one training sessions are available in packages and include a goal setting consultation. Sessions are 45 minutes.  See the membership page for more details.