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Lifestyle Fitness Coaching – DeBar Fitness and Wellness
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Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

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lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching embraces physical movement, healthy fueling, positive mindset and consistent daily habits for a life changing transformation. Coaching supports you with tools to set your goal, map your plan of action, and provide accountability to achieve desired results.

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Supports Individuals…

  • who are unsure of where to start with getting fit and healthy
  • who have a BIG physical goal to achieve
  • who want support in healthy and/or fat loss fueling
  • who are struggling to build a consistent schedule to train
  • who are looking for positive re-enforcement in healthy fueling and fitness
  • who are looking for a change in their physique
  • who are not in the Billings area

Importance of Accountability

Suzie’s definition of accountability is “A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results”.  This definition includes a mindset or attitude of continually asking, “What else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results I desire?” It requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping and answering for personal commitments.

Suzie’s method of lifestyle fitness coaching will support you with accountability by:

  • Open, honest, compassionate communication
  • Checking in with you as needed during the process
  • Stepping back and let you have your own personal experience
  • Providing suggestions and recommendations
  • Asking questions to support finding alternate solutions when needed
  • Provide feedback when the going gets “stuck”
  • Recognize, acknowledge and celebrate steps of success
  • Support you with embracing the process and making the process “doable” aka fun and/or easy
  • Developing a dynamic and encouraging fitness program that is scaled to your fitness level

Read more about what lifestyle fitness coaching is here.

Package prices vary and are determined after consultation. Contact Suzie for a consultation.

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